Kava, a root-based drink with sedative and anesthetic propertiesis a big part of everyday life in Fiji. You can hear the bell-like sound of the villagers pounding kava root all night, every night – because, frankly, they’re all addicted to it…

On the first day, I sampled some of this dirt-like beverage from a store trying to get me to buy things. I now have a sweet boar tooth necklace. However, on my last night, I devoted my evening to drinking upwards of 20 mostly “tsunami size” bowls to study its full effect while in a circle of chill folk at the hostel.

Kava Drunk is hard to describe – but I achieved it.

The first effect is usually your teeth going numb, followed by everything else going numb after several big bowls. When I first stood up, I had no sense of equilibrium, and my legs were a little wobbly. When I last stood up, I had to go to bed.  Don’t let anyone lie to you about kava not giving you a hangover…

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